| We do a lot ourselves, but consciously use the products and services of selected suppliers. After all, beautiful partnerships add color to the business. Today the enthusiasm is sparking at Westerhof in our own Emmeloord.

Before the engine is warm, I am already at the door at Westerhof on the Havenstraat in Emmeloord. A sprint would probably have been just as fast had I not been able to keep up with the conversation. Today I have an appointment with owner Marcel Westerhof and this speed suits him and the organization. Westerhof stands for a down-to-earth and flexible approach. This creates long-term confidence and this is evident from the development of the organization.

A good team is diverse

Westerhof, originally a blasting company, was founded in 1984 by Westerhof senior. At the time, Geesink was by far the largest client. From the age of eighteen Marcel joined the business and three years later, at the age of 21, he took over. The organization grew from six to twenty-six employees, but the feeling is still the same. The atmosphere is familiar. "A good team is especially diverse," Westerhof says. “We are all different, with our own specializations. Not everyone is suitable for spraying or for applying structure to the processes. The trick is to strengthen each other permanently. The experienced men share their knowledge with the young guests, the young people come up with new techniques and solutions. But you really learn the trade in practice. This way we can continue to anticipate the wishes of our customers and the changing legislation.


Westerhof has specialized in spraying and powder coating in recent decades, which of course also includes blasting, scooping, assembly and logistics. “We want to make it as simple as possible for our customers. In addition to quality, you have to provide long-term service. Durable in color, that's what we stand for. That means keep innovating and improving, wanting to develop sustainable solutions. But for me it is also the essence of entrepreneurship: building lasting relationships. We add color to our customers' products. And they intend to benefit from this for as long as possible. ”

Shift smoothly and stay in the flow

“I prefer to have the machines and parts that we process as short as possible. Our clients experience this in the same way. Sending parts and products is an interruption in their process. That means tight planning and keeping focus on quality. Smooth shifting does not mean that the end product is less. Many people will call it unrest, but that dynamic helps us to stay sharp. Just like you want to be 'in the flow' with sports. A team that works together longer, simply works in a higher gear. The division of tasks is clear, you find each other blindly and you anticipate as a unit. That is experience. ”

You do business with people, not with companies

“Where we were able to trade two machines a day twenty years ago, we now process four hundred to a thousand units a day. The passage is getting higher and higher. From whole machines to small parts. The quality of spraying and powder coating has of course also improved enormously during the same period. When powder coating, many people still think of the garden set where the flakes adhered after a few years, but that time is really over. Machines that are continuously used in harsh conditions must be optimally protected. This certainly applies to the customers in the agricultural sector and to the drilling rigs of Conrad and its clients. It is not without reason that we have been working together for more than 15 years. Conrad benefits from the flexibility we can provide. We are also close to each other and Bram Muurlink and I know each other through and through. You can safely call it a lasting friendship. We do business with people, not with companies. ”

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