| ​MARKET LEADERS IN DRILLING MACHINES CONRAD AND DDC FOCUS ON CORE BUSINESS. International specialist Conrad Stanen from Emmeloord The Netherlands takes over the line of vertical drilling rigs from DDC; the well known model Wizard.

“We are very glad we found each other and are able to share our expertise this way”, says Bram Muurlink, Managing Director of Conrad. “To play a leading role worldwide specialization is essential. That is what we achieve with these steps. Conrad in vertical drilling and DDC in offshore drilling.”

Conrad is an innovative organization with over 100 years of experience in design and production of client specific vertical drilling installations and requirements. Conrad develops drilling rigs with the highest quality. The machines distinguish themselves in power, speed, safety, sustainability and operational excellence. In 2016 alone the company produced installations worldwide for clients in The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Denmark and the US.

Dutch Drilling Consutants is also delighted with the adoption by Conrad of this specific division and is able to focus on core business; offshore drilling. “The last few years we didn’t have enough focus on the line of vertical drilling machines. So we are very happy Conrad will develop the Wizard in the coming period. We have our own goals”, Commercial Director Theo Kamp of DDC explains. “It was, during our negotiations, interesting to experience in which ways our knowledge is complementary”, Muurlink says. It is very well possible we will meet again in the near future.” Conrad will use 2017 to optimize the Wizard-line within the existing production process.

Dutch Drilling Consultants is international market leader in the offshore wind turbine branch. DDC designs, develops and produces custom drilling machines and solutions and recruits specialized staff members. In addition DDC operates in the oil, gas and in civil markets worldwide.

internationaal marktleider in booractiviteiten binnen de offshore windturbinemarkt. DDC ontwerpt, ontwikkelt en produceert maatwerk boormachines en oplossingen en levert tevens gespecialiseerd personeel. Daarnaast opereert DDC in de olie- en gas-, en in de civiele markt.

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