Conrad Compact Reclaimer

| The Conrad Compact Reclaimer (CCR 4000) is a relatively small process water reclaimer of merely 1,8 cubic metres.

New technology allowed us to decrease the size of the reclaimer substantially. When the process water is pumped through the CCR, the unrefined cuttings are initially separated from the water in the compact filter deck. The water is pumped up again and is then filtered by an integrated hydrocyclone. It should be noted that the drilling additives are not filtered and remain in the process water. Because of this combined techniques, the process water in the CCR is instantly and constantly reusable for drilling and makes large amounts of process water unnecessary.

In addition this type of filtering causes dry cuttings, which is much easier to process. It enables drilling companies to work more time- and cost efficient on drilling areas with multiple bore holes. In particular preparation time will be shortened significantly. In the near future it will be needless to place large reclaimers per bore hole, construct pipelines or contract external specialists. The drilling facility is completely self-reliant. Due to his compact measurements and flexibility the CCR is very effective in the wide range of vertical drilling applications. Overall the complete process is not only more efficient, but also more sustainable.

CCR 4000 video

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