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About the Conrad Banka Drill
The Conrad Banka Hand Drill in its original form was invented by Mr. G.-E. Akkeringa, Mining Engineer, and was first used in 1858 for prospecting work in the alluvia deposits of the Dutch Government Tin Fields, on the Island of Banka, Dutch East Indies. From this island, where, owing to its signal success, it soon became universally used, the drill takes its name.

One of the brochure texts

"The Island of Banka being in those days almost entirely cut off from the rest of the world - a condition which for a long time delayed the favorable development of its tin deposits - the use of the Banka Drill was for many years restricted to this small area. It subsequently found further employment on the tin fields of the neighboring island of Billiton and once introduced, it soon became the almost exclusively used instrument for prospecting there.

In 1903 Dutch Mining engineers brought the drill to Dutch Guiana and proved its usefulness in exploring the gold deposits of the Lawa region. From this time on it became more universally known and about two years later had completely secured the favour of Propectors and Mining Engineers n all parts of the world.

As a result of wide experience gained during the log time that we have manufactured the Banka Drill and following the many valuable suggestions which have reached us from actual users, we have continually improved the original drill, so that today we can recommend it without hesitation for drilling holes up to 150 feet and more, with core recovery for the full depth enabling the quantity valuable metal on a property to e estimated with great accuracy.

The wonderful results obtained with the Banka Drill and the high reputation it has earned have led to the drill being imitated in Europe and America and some firms have even copied the illustrations in our catalogs. We would, however, state that we are the sole manufacturers of the genuine Banka Drill, which during a period of nearly 75 years has built op a reputation of the highest standard in all parts of the world."

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