A complete rotary table line

| Conrad offers a complete rotary table line. With inserts every diameter casing can be picked.

Conrad Stanen has developed the CRT 273 hydraulically operated rotary table unit, which is mounted at the bottom of the mast with a hinge construction for removing or attaching the unit, and can be easily disconnected or connected using quick couplings. The rotary table is secured by means of a hydraulic cylinder driven locking pin. Rotating torque is transferred to the casing by a hydraulically operated casing clamp.

The available types of rotart tables are CRT 273 | CRT 324 | CRT 419 | CRT 521. The range of specs from RT 273 twith 1.200 daNm torque and 11.000 DaN pull back, till the CRT 521 with 5.000 daNm torque ans 25.000 daN pull back.

With inserts every common diameter casing can be picked. The rotary table unit can be coupled and uncoupled wit h a fast quick change system, hydraulic and mechanic.

Rotary table Combi 500

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