Welcome in Conrad Café | You know the drill!

Welcome in Conrad Café. This is a place to sit back and enjoy. In our café you can order your Conrad premiums such as darts, clothing, branded beers and multitools. Here you’ll catch a glimpse of what’s going on at Conrad behind the scenes. We keep u posted!

behind the scenes


We would like to introduce you to the co-workers and departments of Conrad. To give insight into the processes and activities, but also in the human side of our business. In this edition: Lennart Hoomoedt.

behind the scenes

OPEN DAYS CONRAD | you know the drill

Conrad is growing fast, and to be honest, we needed more space. Therefore, we built a complete new factory behind our existing office for machining and constructing, and we restored the existing one. We are proud of the result and want to invite you all.

behind the scenes

WIN A CONRAD DARTS BOARD and become a legend

Be the new Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson or Phil Taylor and practice whenever you can. With the Conrad darts set, including a board and branded cabinet, 3 arrows and unlimited flights for a year, you'll be a champion sooner than you think.

Innovation in drilling equipment

Conrad Stanen B.V.

Address Escudo 21
8305 BM Emmeloord, NL
Phone +31 (0)527 69 71 96
Fax +31 (0)527 61 0194
E-Mail info@conrad-stanen.nl
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