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| Van Grinsven soil drilling and source drainage from Wilbertoord chose the Conrad Boxer 200 with conviction.

The Boxer 200 from Van Grinsven is executed in the light blue house style of the organization. We produced many of these machines in 2019. This powerful earth drilling rig is therefore a very popular machine in our delivery program. Especially since it can be customized for all those different kinds of drilling.

About Van Grinsven

Van Grinsven Grondboringen and Bronbemaling is active in the professional field, from private to main contractors and clients in the southern Netherlands. Differences in soil composition require a variety of activities. The organization takes a pragmatic approach to this, partly thanks to years of experience. The company was founded in 1997 in Wilbertoord by Jos van Grinsven, after the takeover of the Swanenberg company in Handel, which had been carrying out drainage work for decades. As a result, the roots go back to 1960. Van Grinsven is a trusted partner in the market and is mainly concerned with source drainage, horizontal drainage, deepwell drainage, drilling of open and closed source systems (geothermal heat) and drilling of fire and irrigation wells.

Van Grinsven also works on other projects with other Conrad machines such as the Boxer 200, the previous model, the Combi 300 and the KD 33.

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