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| Gebr. Van Kessel chose a second Conrad Boxer 100 jetting mast at the beginning of this year. Mounted on a crawler chassis for optimal travel and with the latest techniques.

The revolutionary Boxer 100 Jetting Mast has been specifically developed for a quick and effective placement of drainage filters. Manual placement is therefore a thing of the past! This reel drilling mast is standard equipped with full radio control. This means that all drilling functions, such as driving, setting up and the start-stop function of the diesel engine are radio-controlled. The radio control provides enormous freedom of movement. This gives the driller a good overview of the entire drilling process and the environment. Moreover, this operation ensures a safe distance between the rotating parts. This prevents dangerous working conditions.

The most important features of the Boxer 100 at a glance:

- Mounted on caterpillar base for optimum travel
- Equipped with the latest techniques
- Advanced, yet accessible installation
- Equipped with full radiographic control
- Slewing ring with 360 ° rotation possibility
- Compact dimensions and low weight
- Suitable for difficult terrain or tight environments

About Van Kessel
Gebr. van Kessel is a surprisingly versatile company that carries out civil projects for Rijkswaterstaat, Provinces, Municipalities, Ports and Water Boards. The well-known 'wiebertje' in the logo of Gebr. van Kessel can also be encountered during work on motorways, in residential areas, and on private and company premises.

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