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SBM 10.0C JETTING MAST fOR Bronbemaling Schijf

| In December we delivered a new Conrad jetting mast SBM 10.0 C to Bronbemaling Schijf from Nieuwegein that was built on an approx. 16 Ton heavy excavator, with which 10 meters can be drilled in one tour.

The Conrad jetting mast SBM was originally developed for positioning 10-metre long filters at wellpoint drainage projects in one go. This jetting mast has become deployable for a broad range of options after more than 20 years of continued development.

The SBM 10.0C reel drilling mast from Schijf is designed in such a way that it is permanently mounted on the adjustable head arm of the excavator. The mast is positioned quite close to the machine to ensure stability when driving over flat terrain with the mast standing upright.

The entire mast construction of approx. 11.6 meters, consists of a closed box profile, provided with guided tracks and mounting options for the various components to be assembled. The main hinge is designed in such a way that the mast is rotated by 90 degrees with respect to the excavator, so that a good overview of the drilling process can be obtained from the cab. The mast can also be adjusted hydraulically from a height of one meter in the cabin.

The effective stroke is 10 meters, the tensile / compressive force max. 2000 daN and the pressure force has to be adjusted to approx. 1000 daN.

The Conrad drill head has a 100 mm diameter, driven by two hydro motors. The drilling torque is approximately 300 daNm at 200 bar and the speed is approx. 75 rpm. at 100L / min. The top of the drill head is provided with a 4 inch bend for connecting waterwork. In the center line of the borehole a closable lid is included in the bend so that a filter can be introduced from above.

The hydraulically operated elevation device ensures that the drill bit can be lifted from the normal vertical position over an angle of approximately 65 ° to the horizontal position. This provision is desirable to facilitate the installation and removal of drill pipes or drill bits.

The SBM 10.0C is a machine that is ready for the future.

About Schijf Bronbemaling
Bronbemaling Schijf from Nieuwegein is an expert in the field of various dewatering in the construction and infra sector. Central to each project is total unburdening of the client. Schijf is a flexible partner and understands that speed and quality are of great importance for every project. Although pumping is often only a small link in the complete process, it is one of the basic conditions for a successful project. An important component is the reporting of the extraction and discharge of the drainage water from the competent authority. Schijf focuses on quality, sustainability and safety and, together with the customer, looks at the specific wishes for each project. With the aim of supporting as efficiently and effectively as possible in achieving the desired project result. The starting point is always to keep costs, energy consumption and sensitivity to interference as low as possible.

Bronbemaling Schijf is frequently hired as a permanent partner by construction and civil companies, because of the familiar relationship and the specific knowledge and experience. Of course Bronbemaling Schijf is certified in the field of ISO-9001, VCA ** and BRL-2100.

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