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| At the end of November, Koelewijn from Bunschoten-Spakenburg received his second Conrad Boxer 200. This flush drilling installation is also equipped with the latest innovations in the field of vertical drilling.

When designing new drilling installations, Conrad translates the experiences of drilling masters into user-friendliness. That is a continuous process. We do this to increase the productivity of every client and to make the drill masters as comfortable as possible to work with the machine.

Every Boxer 200 is therefore equipped with:

- Complete drill pipe manipulation system so that the drill pipes no longer have to be entered and removed manually (no physical strain)

- Radio remote control of all important drilling functions and setting up the drilling installation (good view of drilling process and environment.

- An automatic greasing system

- A high engine power that increases productivity.

The drill master can position himself in a practical and safe manner in the vicinity of the machine with his radio control unit. The introduction and removal of drill pipes is automatic and does not cause any physical loads.

About Koelewijn
Koelewijn Bronbemalingen is a company that has been around for three generations. Koelewijn has since become a trusted partner at many construction sites. Koelewijn Bronbemalingen BV has the required professional knowledge and many years of experience in the field of source drainage, soil drilling, sale and rental of pumps and aggregates, maintenance and, last but not least, soil energy systems.

Over the years, the organization has specialized in all types of drainage and soil drilling and works with qualified machines and competent people to achieve the desired end result. Of course, Koelewijn has the right certificates, such as ISO 9001, VCA *, BRL SIKB 2100 and BRL SIKB 11000. All this to be able to guarantee the quality of the service and to keep abreast of the trends in the industry.

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