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Steven van Mourik | Purchase Manager & Internal Project Manager

| Seit Anfang Dezember 2016 ist Steven van Mourik Purchase Manager & Internal Project Manager bei Conrad Stanen. Wir haben ihm ein paar Fragen zu seiner neuen Rolle und dem Unternehmen gestellt.

Since the first of December 2016 Steven van Mourik is Purchase Manager & Internal Project Manager at Conrad Stanen. A new position in a new company, but a role which is familiar to Steven. With his experience as a planning engineer, managing director, sales manager and purchase manager with a diversity of production companies in steel, he was the right man at the right moment.

The growth of Conrad Stanen asked for new steps in control and management of the projects. The sales department has, since Steven started, more time for account management and new business. Production doesn’t have to worry about purchases and planning. Steven is among other things responsible for on time delivery of the equipment and the new drilling installations. A very necessary and welcome role you can imagine.

Start and full speed ahead
“We were extremely busy with new business the first six months of this year, so it was hit and run for me. My days are still pretty hectic actually, especially because of a few developments which come together in this period. Starting a new philosophy is never without obstacles. There are always several challenges to be met with each other. That is the beauty of this job and Conrad as a company. Think about all the challenges Conrad has overcome in the last decade of their existence. Then, you know this company will excel.”

“It is amazing to realize that Conrad has a global presence.”

“For over hundred years Conrad delivers these beautiful and well known machines to international clients. The standard of quality is therefore incredibly high. For our suppliers, but also for our team. We have a lot of strong and experienced specialists at Conrad, who are willing to work their butts off for each other. That is a solid basis, but not enough. We can’t afford to sit tight. By continuous improvement of processes, we are able to grow each year. We are always moving.”

In sixth gear towards the future
“Besides the ongoing production we are, at this moment working on the implementation of a new ERP software system. This will give us the opportunity to improve process management and will lead to an optimal integration of Production, Service and Repair. Starting the beginning of November, we will use a brand new Kardex warehouse, which will help us with the optimization of the inventory management. In addition, we are building a complete second factory for machining and construction just behind our existing location. Conrad is a complete new world for me, much wider than my last jobs. Therefore, I am and will be very curious for the future.”

“In my first six months, we produced a couple of impressive machines. After the designing and all the production stages it is time and time again a delight to deliver a complete new and custom installation. I really enjoy those moments. The Boxer 200 of Henk van Tongeren was probably one of my favorites until now, but there will be more. Of course I have other pleasures as well. Besides working I love to spend time with my family and on the soccer field. Those two are my real passions.” Talking about the future .....

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