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| ​Robin Staes ist Technical Engineer bei Conrad und begibt sich auf sein 12,5-jähriges Jubiläum. Seine Abteilung ist verantwortlich für eine solide, intelligente und sichere Automatisierung aller Bohrmaschinen und deren Entwicklungsprozess

Robin Staes is Technical Engineer at Conrad and is heading for his 12,5-year anniversary. Together with his colleagues in his department he is responsible for a solid, smart and safe automation of all vertical drilling machines and the processes to develop them. On a daily base, he is busy with the design, realization, inspection and adjustments of the electronics of the machinery and the different components. He loves those connections, in every possible way.

“The diversity of the job and the connection with all those departments, specializations and parts are very special to me. If you’d ask me today how a typical day looks like, I would probably answer something completely different than last week. A lot of my time is filled with puzzling, sketching and designing. It means I think a lot about processes and better, easier ways to make connections. Development is a continuous process at Conrad, because each machine is custom made. Every day I deliberate with several colleagues and external specialists and I work on the telephonic interference service.”

“In my role at Conrad everything is about connections

and not getting lost between them”

Connections are not something typical for his role as a technical engineer with wires, processes and colleagues, but also outside the direct working environment. “The relationship with our clients is normally pretty intense. Because we always thrive for the best custom made machines, we don’t take customer service lightly. As Dutch specialists, we represent one of the few companies in the world which are able, to assist on location if things go bad.

At Conrad, we want to lead, that is where our strength lies. Try and fail, but don’t fail to try. That might be our motto. It costs time and money if a solution you figured out doesn’t work as well as you hoped for. So, it means you have to come up with a better idea. Learn from your mistakes, make new connections quickly and just solve the damn problem.”

Learning from specialists outside your business area
“We get a lot of knowledge outside our direct field of expertise. Eventually, we work in a very small niche market. Most technical innovations happen outside our branche. Embracing that knowledge and using it for our company makes me proud. This year we focus on the optimization of the engineering processes, data logging, a user-friendly interface and the Kardex warehouse. My eyes are mainly on the CAN-bus possibilities. At a controller area network, traditionally the information is lead through two cables; a high and a low. Within several years, this complete process will be wireless.”

How wired is Robin?
“I’m not that complicated. I love the short chitchats with the other guys, mess a little and I probably hear and appreciate any wordplay. In the Whats’app-group we don not only share knowledge but also a lot of fun. During the weekend, I like play soccer, drink a beer, relax a little and enjoy my family.” …. talking about essential connections.

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