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Marco Nijmeijer | Head of Workshop & Service Coordinator

| Marco Nijmeijer ist Head of Workshop & Service Coordinator bei Conrad Stanen. Seit 2008 spielt er eine entscheidende Rolle bei der Übersetzung von Design in die Produktion und allgemein im Kontakt mit Lieferanten und Kunden.

Marco experienced the growth of the organization intensively and knows what makes Conrad its quality.

“The client specific production causes an optimized knowledge of the installations within the organization and its team. We want what is best for our customers and we like to show that knowledge in each project we start. We are pierced with the fact that we have to work together to build an outstanding machine. We know were we can find the different specialties and each other. We stand together, and we stand for our clients."

High service is key
“When an drill master can't do his work because of a disfunctional machine time is money. Our servce department does anything to help as quickly as possible. Also with drilling installations we didn't build ourselves. In the Netherlands we are on location in a just few hours, guaranteed. Nevertheless, the solution is not always that easy. Sometimes it can be a real puzzle to figure out what the cause of the problem is. And in some cases it is impossible to fix the problem directly, because we need new components."

"Actually we're always busy with new challenges, in product development and solutions."

The dynamics of customization

“I am responsible for construction, machining and assembly stages of the machines. Briefly, building the new and repairing the existing installations. No two days are the same. Even in the morning I'm unaware of the flow of the day. That's what makes this job so utterly attractive. I love the dynamics, the speed, also in my private live. In my free time I love to play soccer or cross on my motorbike. But I also like to work on my cross Beetle. And to be honest, I rather not miss the chitchats with my colleagues during the breaks outside."

“I embraced the continuous speeding environment at Conrad pretty quick. When I just started we scored a big assignment from Indonesia. I still take my hat of for what we realized during that project. Actually we're always busy with new challenges, in product development and in finding new solutions for existing problems. Besides the ongoing production we focus on the new logistics in the workplace and the development of the new building for construction and machining. At the same time we take steps in the automation of processes and a new ERP system. Never a dull moment at Conrad."

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