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| We would like to introduce you to the co-workers and departments of Conrad. To give insight into the processes and activities, but also in the human side of our business. In this edition: Lennart Hoomoedt.

Lennart Hoomoedt has been working as a CNC Production Engineer at Conrad Stanen since 2012. An independent role in an organization that he is proud of. "From the first moment I had an emotional bond with Conrad. My predecessor, a young guy, was killed in a car accident. I offered my help and Bram and Linda asked me to come and work for Conrad."

That to the point, but warm atmosphere typifies the organization. "We now work with a large team and sometimes thing don't go as ist was expected. I think it's important to have fun and play and have the opportunity to look each other straight in the eye. To have the chance to discuss the important matters. I like openness and pure people. That pure urge to do the best I already missed with the teachers at school in the past. After the Agrarian school, I did motor vehicle technology, but it was not my cup of tea. I like working with my hands and at the time I worked as a "Mr. Fix-It All" for a catering entrepreneur. I managed the rental of bicycles, boats and canoes and took care of the repairs."

"Take a nose dive one day, it teaches you more than a year in school."

"At Michel Schijf Tuinbouwtechniek I eventually learned a real workmanship. Mr. Schijf threw me to the lions and I am still grateful for that. The quote above is also his. I came into contact with many different techniques: welding of greenhouse heating, making and installing irrigation systems, measuring and control technology and customer-specific designing of tools and machines. I was also experimenting a lot in private, especially for angling. I even had a cnc milling machine at home and my own machine building company for a short while. That way I learned the business, with trial and error. I learned it all by experience and for that reason I have very high demands when it comes to the quality of parts and machines."

The bar is constantly being raised

"And that necessary quality is the standard at Conrad. The bar for the machines is continuously being placed on a higher level. This also means innovating till you drop. I like that. I never give up, even though it is hard sometimes. I have to find a solution to the problem. Talk less and act more! And that also means working overtime when necessary, continuing to approach each other critically and together ensuring an optimal machine. Together we are capable of amazing things. We proved that. Every day we face new challenges and unforeseen issues. Switching quickly and creating new solutions is daily cost in the customization we deliver. For example, the drilling installations of the companies Sijben and Verhoeven that were mounted on trucks are still in my memory, as well as the small machine for Geotechnix. But also the distributors for the Total drilling rigs, the 3D-milled manifold for Rotink Motorsport and the development of the first valve blocks in the drilling pylons were special."

Investment also comes with development. And there are possibilities in this market. "I am very happy with the new building for construction and machining. A place where I recently got my own office. In addition to the existing installations I have access to some beautiful new machines. We are now working with a Doosan Puma 4100 LM lathe with a loading robot from Yaskawa, that can lift a combined weight (2 products) of 200 kg. The complete manufacturing industry it is currently booming again. For example, I am very curious about the development of 3D printing of metal. For the time being, our products are still too large, but that 3D printing on a large scale also becomes a reality for Conrad. I do not doubt that for a second."

Love for the pure profession
"If you love your specific type of work, you follow everything, you want to know every detail. As an production engineer, I make my own indestructible stuff from stainless steel. If I'm not catching carp in 'the middle of nowhere', I'm working on that. Or you'll find me at the autocross. Conrad sponsors team Klaster at the Dutch championship and so we are regularly present at the competitions. We work on the Beetle and occasionally we develop new parts together. Actually, I made my work out of my hobby. I would like to pass on that value to my two sons."

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