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| Wir möchten Ihnen die Mitarbeiter und Abteilungen von Conrad vorstellen. Ein Einblick in die Prozesse und Aktivitäten, aber auch in die menschliche Seite unseres Geschäfts geben. In dieser Ausgabe: Hendrik Otten.

Hendrik Otten is Sales Engineer | Account Manager, but started as a mechanic at Conrad Stanen in 2004. The past few years he managed the connection between sales, design and production, alongside Managing Director Bram Muurlink. With his education and experience in the technical part of the business Hendrik has proven to gear up fast, managing clients demands and technical possibilities at the same time. Since the role of Purchase Manager has been created, more focus lies on customer support. “And that was essential”, says Otten.

“After several years as mechanic, I wanted to broaden my horizon and started, under the supervision of Linda and Bram, with sales. We wanted to grow, expand and operate more internationally. A sales department is a necessity then. It was a tremendous challenge and it still is. The first year was pretty hard to find the balance between sales outside and project management within the organization. Nowadays I’m better at it, but with the growing portfolio the challenge remains.”

Kick off with a cup of coffee
Hendrik still starts the day around eight with a cup of coffee and a social walk in the workshop. He talks to the technicians and gets his updates regarding new machines, service contracts and repairs. It doesn’t need much explanation, Hendrik still has the technical know-how. Despite of the fact that innovation travels fast. “If you don’t keep up, you will loose the connection”, he emphasizes. “In my role, it is essential to be informed at all times. We don’t sell a standard at Conrad, it is customized in every detail.”

“The growth in active Conrad machines and the acquisition of Kefdrill and Wizard pushes the growth in service and maintenance.”

“Last year we delivered over 50% more drilling installations than in the year 2015 and we took over two competitors in the Netherlands. My focus is not only on new business, but also on maintenance and service. The quantity of clients with a Conrad machine grows and therefore the amount of installations with service contracts grows as well. Especially with the acquisition of Kefdrill and Wizard the amount of active drilling machines is bigger than ever. Purchasing, production and project management are since the start of 2017 the responsibility of Steven van Mourik.”

Sales and marketing integrated
“Another part of my responsibilities is taken over by our Marketing Manager. Together with Bernard Klaassen I plan the strategy and communication with customers in the offline and online media channels. In the year 2016 we developed a brand new corporate identity including a new website, newsletter and a social media strategy. The relationship with our customer is intensified by the active media strategy. Now we keep all our clients informed and we report about news such as innovations, new achievements and occasions. This helps account management enormously.”

“Sales and marketing also work together in the organization of events, the participation of exhibitions and the annual year activities. And we are integrating our monthly reports. Cooperation is one of the key principles of our organization. That’s where we find the necessary balance, that’s where we excel. I love to work between those departments at Conrad, to be able to help our clients with open, solid and accurate advice. The need for speed is more important than ever. And honestly, driving fast is something I like, not exclusively in the business.

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