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| After fourteen years and seven days Allround Service Mechanic Jaap Laan says goodbye to Conrad Stanen, the organization where he started in 2004 as a trainee, for a week. The story unfold ....

He came to Conrad by chance. The internship places were arranged from the Deltion in Zwolle. And because he lived in Marknesse, he asked if they could not arrange a placement company in the neighborhood. That was easier with public transport. He could never have imagined that his journey with Conrad would take much longer.

"In the years that I have been working at Conrad, a lot has changed. For myself, but also for the company. My first boss Aad Schilperoord stopped and Bram Muurlink, who was my direct colleague, took over Conrad. He emphasized technical development. There was a switch to the remote control. The ease of operation for the drillers improved enormously and the machines could be built more compactly. The team grew from seven to thirty people and we moved from the Industrieweg to the current building on the Escudo in Emmeloord. Here most machines can stand inside and with the mast upright. That was completely different in the old building. We stood there regularly in weather and wind tinkering outside.


At the Deltion Jaap followed the MTS. "The first two years we spent most of our time at school. The last two years we went to school for two days and worked three days instead of two half-year internships. I spent this period completely at Conrad. After completing my degree, I followed the course Hydraulic Systems Engineering in Heerenveen. That attracted me because I think hydraulics are really nice. Eventually I also attended the Assistant Drill Master in Harderwijk at the Soma. In my work I found it important to understand the drillmasters and surely you must be able to drill yourself. This way you know what is expected of the machines and how to work with them. This helps to make the machines more efficient to work with. And that is main our goal. "

At Conrad Jaap came in as a quiet boy. He grew in his position as an all-round mechanic. He was most interested in building the machines from the beginning to the end. And he liked being in the field to tinker with machines. "In the beginning we built up the machines completely, took them apart again, let them spray in the right color, and then rebuild them. Later, we switched to a 3D drawing program and the construction parts were first sprayed and then built up. That saved a lot of time.

"During that period, I also worked internally at Dekker for two months. To weld and fit and to get the errors out. When the first two drilling machines came back in parts from the sprayer, I started building on the case. I was also allowed to install my first machines and give the explanation in the field. That was also the first time that I experienced a bore. From that moment on I was a real fan. These installations were for Thermo Plus, where I met drillmaster Jaap Wim Koelewijn. Till this day he still is available for all my questions, anytime."


"Because of the intensive cooperation on location, you build a strong bond with the drillers. At one point three pulse drilling machines had to be shipped to Indonesia. Three identical machines that had to fit in one container. And I could come. I will never forget that trip to Indonesia. We installed the machines and I had to explain our methods to a few guys of my age. That is, of course, unique. I still have contact with them via Facebook."

"In that period, I also met Pieter Sijben van Sijben Bronboringen who went with Bram Muurlink and me to Indonesia to teach us the pulse drilling. We spent two and a half weeks together. There, during the evening drinks, the idea for their new pulse drill was created, one with enormous possibilities. That's great, is it not? Later when I had to go to Pieter and his son Luuk and I knew that the machine was at headquarters, I did not take any breakfast or lunch with me. We sat comfortably at home. Although I came for a faulty machine, I always felt welcome there. Those warm relationships are a symbol of my time at Conrad. "


"Conrad is a beautiful company, where I have been through a lot. I travelled the whole world with a unique and real Dutch product. From China, to Scandinavia and from Indonesia to America. I learned a lot from those trips abroad. Being on yourself and having to cope with the resources you have is a special learning experience. In every country and every culture, you treat each other differently. In Kazakhstan you got a hand shake from everyone in the morning. At some point, certain people gave took your wrist with the other hand. At first, I thought it was because I had dirty hands, but it turned out to be a sign of respect. I liked that."

"You also find that respect with Conrad internally, a close team with driven professionals. One of those professionals is Hendrik Otten, the current Sales Manager of Conrad. They already met each other at school and came to work with Conrad in close succession. "After sixteen years I will really miss him in daily contact." And that is mutual. Otten especially praises Jaap's enthusiasm for the drilling principles. "Jaap is a real professional and passionate about the technical part of the job. From day one I find him a very nice guy to work and chat with. Both technically and beyond. It is very unfortunate that he leaves, but I wish him every success in the pursuit of his passion. "


After Conrad Jaap will work at Weevers, a mechanization company in Marknesse. Not far from the farm where he grew up and worked with his uncle on the machines. "That is where my passion lies. That is the reason why I have chosen technology as a specialism. I go back to farm life and the agricultural machinery and look forward to all those nice challenges. A new environment with new colleagues where I hope to work with just as much fun as I have always done with my colleagues from Conrad. And even though the world is small (sometimes), I'm going to miss all those people. "

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